How to Keep your Kitchen Clean Everyday with Less Work

Nobody wants to spend the remainder of their day scrubbing and cleaning in the kitchen. What you can do is keep it clean as much as possible so you don’t have to spend a great deal of time cleaning it after you’ve used it. Maintenance work always works. Here are some tips and tricks on how to maintain a clean kitchen and not stay there for the day or night.

1. Always clean as you go

This principle is used by chefs and kitchen staffs in restaurants for as long as time. And for good reason. Cleaning a spill right after it happened is easier than a dried spill. Washing things and putting them away after you’ve used them will keep the sink, counter, and prep area organized and tidy.

2. Use a trash bowl

Don’t put your trash, seed pits, peels, and other things on the counter or table. Don’t throw them directly on the trash as well. They can spill especially if you are in a hurry. Instead, keep a trash bowl with you while you work and put them there. It doesn’t matter what type of bowl as long as it will fit all the contents inside. Once you’re done with your work, you can throw them all together to the trash bin.

3. Wash the sink right after washing the dishes

It’s okay if you don’t have a dishwasher. You can always wash the dishes on the sink. Don’t forget to wash the sink as it can get greasy from the dishes. Also, make sure you catch all the debris and food leftovers as they can get into the pipes and create a build-up. This can cause improper drainage if left unmanaged. A clogged can easily be recognized because the water won’t drain or drains slowly. And the water will actually gurgle. If this happens, call for professional help immediately. Santa Rosa plumber and Santa Rosa plumbing repair can assist you.

4. Maintain your cookware and knives

These things are sometimes left for granted until they have burn spots or are already dull. Cookware and knives need care and maintenance too. Use the right cookware for the dish you’re cooking to avoid burn spots. Use the designated knife for chopping, slicing, paring, etc. Knives can go dull because they have been used improperly. But sometimes, they’re already there and all we could do is address them. There are products available to remove the stains from your cookware. For dull knives, hone them at least every month. It’s a good idea to prevent problems from happening. And it is just as good to address them right after they happen before the damage becomes irreversible.

5. Oil the cutting boards

This is only applicable for wooden cutting boards. It is best to oil them at least once a month as well. If they are properly oiled, you can save up on always buying a new one. Maintain oiling them and they’ll work for you longer. You can do the same with wooden cutlery as well.

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