Welcome to the Oberhasli Dairy Goat homepage… providing information about the Oberhasli Dairy Goat and the organization dedicated to the preservation and development of this unique breed.

A Brief History of the Oberhasli

  • The Oberhasli in its native Switzerland (coming soon)
  • The Oberhasli in America (coming soon)
  • The Oberhasli in Canada (need info)
  • The Oberhasli in Austria (need info)

How to Recognize an Oberhasli Dairy Goat

A look at the breed characteristics that make Oberhasli recognizable worldwide.

  • The Many Faces of Oberhasli
  • A Photo Gallery of Oberhasli Dairy Goats

Oberhasli Breeders International
Introducing a worldwide cooperative organization in support of this unique dairy goat breed.

OBI Breeder’s Standard

OBI Member Directory
List your breeding herd or find an OBI
member near you.
OBI Youth Member Page
OBI Member Market Place
Buck Listings, Semen, Stock for Sale or Wanted Items (coming soon)

Oberhasli Event Calendar
OBI members post events. See what’s
happening near you.

Oberhasli Breeder’s Toolbox

Some important links covering production, linear appraisal, genetics/breeding programs and pedigrees.

  • Purebred, American, Grade & Experimental Oberhasli
    The facts on breeding up in the ADGA
    herdbooks(coming soon)
  • Putting Pedigrees in Perspective
    A simple graphic illustrating the relative
     importance of each generation

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