Oberhasli Breeders International (OBI)

This worldwide cooperative organization was established to support the development, promotion and preservation of the Oberhasli dairy goat breed. The OBI’s homepage is designed to provide a forum for accurate, educational and timely information with emphasis on the performance aspects of breeding Oberhasli.

We invite Oberhasli dairy goat registries, Oberhasli breeder organizations and individual breeders throughout the world to join with us in our cooperative efforts. The Breeder Standard, below, describes the OBI philosophy. Members are welcome to a listing in the OBI directory.

OBI Breeder Standard

As an OBI member, interested in promoting and developing the Oberhasli breed, I believe:

  • In the promotion of Oberhasli breeding programs which uphold the outstanding working qualities of this breed while preserving its unique appearance.
  • Only stock which are sound, have no disqualifying faults and exhibit no departure from the official standard as accepted by the Swiss Goat Breeders Federation, the ADGA, the AGS, and the CGS should be included in official Oberhasli herdbooks and used for registered breeding purposes.
  • Registration papers should accurately describe and record any acceptable appearance faults on registration applications; no dyeing or deceptive practices should be used to hide appearance faults and subsequent breeding efforts should attempt to correct the faults in offspring.
  • Service slips should not be issued for any doe whose appearance does not match her registration certificate or who is found to have disqualifying breed standard faults unless her registration status reflects she is being ‘graded up’ according to registry requirements.
  • Accurate records of stock, matings, pedigrees, health, registration and performance should be kept by breeders.
  • Buyers should be given accurate health, breeding and registration records and at least a 3-generation pedigree with performance data.
  • Weak and strong points of each animal should be known and pointed out to potential buyers for the benefit of continued breed improvement.
  • Advertising of stock and performance data, whether oral or in writing, should be factual.
  • Efforts should be made to preserve the exceptionally easy going, unique temperment of the Oberhasli so future breeders will be sucked in as easily as the rest of us have been, thereby creating a secure place in the new millennium for the breed we all admire and cherish.