Oberhasli Breeder’s Toolbox

These links provide detailed information on the subjects listed.
Linear Appraisal
The USDA/AIPL site provides genetic evaluations based on type data provided by the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA). Articles on the use of the evaluations in a breeding program are also available at this site.

This impressive site by Gary Moore has taken a portion of the USDA data and put it in a user friendly format. You can use this data to help select a sire.

As you can see if you take the time to visit these sites, we need more Oberhasli breeders here in America participating in performance programs. In the future we hope to provide performance data or links to performance data on Oberhasli in other countries.

Genetics/Breeding Programs
Technical discussions on Inbreeding, Linebreeding, Crossbreeding, Heritability and its use in Animal Breeding.

Inbreeding: It’s meaning, use and effect on farm animals.

Breeding Season – Decision Time…some things to consider.
Artificial Insemination
This University of New Mexico site has basic information on AI techniques specific to goats.

Blood pregnancy tests using serum you send in are available for goats and other domestic ruminants through Biotracking.

Check the OBI Breeder’s Marketplace (coming soon) for a listing of Oberhasli semen for sale.
Information about Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis virus (CAEV) testing and prevention from Washington State University (WSU).

An informational site about the effects of copper deficiency in dairy goats.
Oberhasli milk and component information for those does with a record of at least 280-305 days in milk. Data is from all years in the database using the last lactation on record.

     American Oberhasli Avg = 2194 lbs (997kg), 3.7% fat, 3.1%                                                       protein (N=290)

     Purebred Oberhasli Avg = 2098 lbs (954kg), 3.5% fat, 3.0%                                                       protein (N=57)

The official USDA site, now with emphasis for yield.

Gary Moore’s site using USDA data is again a place to go.

To view the current American Dairy Goat Assoc (ADGA) Breed Leader’s List for production. Here in the U.S., there are six recognized dairy goat breeds as well as grades for each breed and experimentals. See how Oberhasli production compares with the other’s listed.